"Audible" 10.6.-19.8.2017 at Samuelis Baumgarte Galerie, Bielefeld (GR) / 3D visualization: Gabriel Dela Cruz


I am interested in intuitively envisaged exchanges and interactions between the visual and media arts with other disciplines, such as dance, performing arts and technology. The themes of my work revolve around perception of reality, individual and communal behavior, and communication. I am fascinated and disturbed by human beings, and mesmerized and puzzled by moving images, moving bodies and objects. I work with cross-disciplinary narrative structures that explore and question the union of content, medium and context.

Over the last years I have created media installation works combining sculptures and moving image with dance, dramaturgy, mechanics and electronics. I have also been directing performances, dance pieces and short film projects. Further I have worked in several internationally touring theater and dance productions as a video artist and performed as a dancer for other choreographers.

I hold Master of Fine Arts degrees from both the University of Barcelona, sculpture department (2004) and the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Time and Space department (2009). In addition, I have done studies on contemporary dance. I was born in Catalonia, and I have lived and worked in Helsinki since 2004. I have shown my work, solo projects or in collaborations with others, in galleries, theater stages and side specific locations in Catalonia, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Iceland, Japan, Norway and Sweden. In spring 2012, I received the Grant for Young Artists by the Finnish Art Association. In spring 2013, I received the half a year artistic working grant by the Finnish Cultural Foundation. In 2015, I received a one year artistic working grant by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland. In the autumn 2015 I received the AVEK Prize. From the beginning of 2016, I am working with a three years artist working grant also by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland.




2017 "Staged", Pori Art Museum, Pori (FI)

2017 "Reincarnation failieure", Harmaa, Turku (FI)

2016 "Phenomenal", Forum Box, Helsinki (FI)

2015 Pleiku Gallery, Berlin (GER)

2015 "Related to Glory", Huuto Gallery, Helsinki (FI)

2014 "Related to Glory", Babelkunst, Trondheim (NOR)

2013 "The Living in Three Acts", Cable Gallery, Helsinki (FI)

2013 "This gallery is too small for me", Alkovi Gallery, Helsinki (FI)

2012 "Goddamn Mind Changer", Huuto Gallery, Helsinki (FI)

2008 "Fascinated and Disturbed by Humans", Kuvataideakatemia Gallery, Helsinki (FI)


2016 Showroom Berliini, collective exhibition, Berlin (GER)

2016 Haihatus collective exhibition, Joutsa (FI)

2016 Villa Rosa collective exhibition, Orimattila (FI)

2016 Collective exhibition S.O.S. Save our Souls. Art for a Time of Urgencies, Seoul (SK)

2016 "No sabemos volver solos", Matadero, Madrid (SP)

2015 "Cinematic Senses", Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki (FI).

2015 Purnu Summer Exhibition, Purnu (FI)

2015 "Monumental" at Pori World Expo, Pori (FI)

2013 "Ventriloquized" in "Angakoq" event-exhibition, SIC Gallery, Heliskin (FI)

2013 "Ventriloquized" in "Pixels and Presence" event-exhibition, Heliskin and Vaasa (FI)

2012 "Ventriloquized" in "Too many options" exhibition in SÍM Gallery, Reykjavik (ISL)

2012 "Home Theatre" in "Esitystaiteen Markinat- festival" Zodiak, Helsinki (FI)

2012 "I am not here" in "Foro n", Arja Martikainen Gallery, Lappeenranta (FI)

2010 "A Growing Repression in Three Parts", with J. Suvanto, Yksi Keppi, Helsinki (FI)

2007 "Lock" in "Masters of the University", FAFA gallery, Helsinki (FI)


2016 "Show", premier at Sinne Gallery, Helsinki (FI).

2014 "Ventriloquized", premier at Mad House, Helsinki (FI).

2010 "In&Others_version 2", Festival Mapa, Pontós (CAT)

2010 "In&Others_version 1", Zodiak - Center for New Dance, Helsinki (FI)

2009 "Brain Visioning About Self Unity", Mamuska Night-Zodiak, Helsinki (FI)

2008 "The Happiest", Cable Factory, Helsinki (FI)


2012 "Within" with Johanna Ketola, MUU Gallery, Helsinki (FI)

2011 "Within" with Johanna Ketola, Spielart Theatre Festival, Munich (GER)


2007 "Sold Out", by Eeva Muilu, Stoa, Helsinki (FI) + on international tour

2007 "Bodies in Construction", by Harriet Abrahamsson, Huset, Copenhagen (DK)


2016 Faebruary-March, Matadero, Madrid (SP)

2015 June at Pleiku Gallery, Berlin (GER)

2014 November and December, LKV Artist Association, Trondheim (NOR)

2012 November in SÍM, The Association of Icelandic Visual Artists, Reykjavik (ISL)

2010 July in Festival Mapa (CAT)



collective exhibition
Galería Max Estrella / Madrid (SP) / 2017

Fragment of the text by exhibition curator Nerea Ubieto: Anna Estarriola propone una pieza inmersiva y escenográfica en la que invita al espectador a adentrarse en la recreación fragmentada del interior de un avión. La atmósfera íntima y ensombrecida enfatiza la sensación onírica del espacio, casi como si se accediese a un recuerdo donde algunos referentes se han desvanecido. A bordo se encuentran varias figuras escultóricas que representan humanos de diferentes edades y constituciones con los que el visitante puede compartir asiento mientras escucha al único personaje hablante. En la pantalla, una aparente azafata de vuelo – interpretada por la propia artista – despliega su mensaje. En ocasiones toma prestadas las formalidades aéreas, otras, se aleja de ellas. El contenido de su discurso – cercano al absurdo – propone un pulso entre lo cotidiano y lo profundo, invitando al espectador a reflexionar en torno a temas como la nada, la espera, el vacío o la forma en que habitamos los espacios de transición, intentando conectar con los demás y con nosotros mismos.

Photos: Arantxa Boyero

solo exhibition
Gallerie Anhava (basement) / Helsinki (FI) / 2017

Fragment of the text by Hanna Huitu: The work addresses issues of replication and reproduction. Specially constructed in the gallery’s basement space, it considers the thematic of understanding and communication and is based on the experience of stepping into a cinematic scene to encounter a different, produced reality. The video piece is part of an entity constructed in the space with a screen, rows of seats and a narrator figure front of the screen. The narrator, composed of the elements of a sculpture and a video, is a partly two and three-dimensional figure, commenting on, translating and interpreting for the audience not only the work itself but also the situation of displaying it. The narrator thus reproduces at the same time the video displayed in the space. 

Photos: Ari Karttunen / EMMA

solo exhibition
Pori Art Museum / Pori (FI) / 2017

Fragment of the text by exhibition curator Anni Venäläinen: Pursuing the search for ultimate truth, a delusive set of three dimensional sculptures contemplate both the transcendent and absurd. The works, which outline passages between wisdom and turmoil, reflect on the strategies one uses to grasp both, from the everyday to the universal. The project – where micro and macro events are related – talks about our influence on forthcoming history, and intertwines endings with infinity.

Estarriola’s exhibition Staged consists of sculptures where audio-visual technology blends with hyper-realistic and surrealist expression. The largest piece in the exhibition is an installation called The System that stages the illusion of (participation in) democracy – where one’s personal contribution to decision- making becomes blurred. The piece utilizes the structure of a parliamentary meeting: it is staged as a democratic event where the future of humanity is under analysis. The show will also include a sample of the artist's earlier work.

Photos: Erkki Valli-Jaakola & Kati Kunnas-Holmström, Porin taidemuseo / Martin Jäger / Heikki Westergård

The system


Divine layer

collective exhibition 
Matadero / Madrid (SP) / 2016

A post apocalyptic message arrives. It comes from the future. It is delivered in a meeting. It appears so it can be seen and heard.
Flamenco singers: Naike Ponce, Jacob Quirós

Solo exhibition
Forum Box Gallery / Helsinki (FI) / 2016

Photo documentation: Anna Autio
Special thanks to Joana Travé for her modeling and silicone work.

Phenomenon as an observable event involves the act of becoming perceptible through immediate experience. This exhibition of media installations presents staged circumstances, reflecting on the performative side effects of coming into being and vanishing away. "Phenomenal" gives shape to the appearance and disappearance of the presence. The passage through these two definite states becomes alluring, hilarious, morbid, absurd and blurry. In the double-sided evolution of humankind, in which knowledge and stupidity are developing simultaneously, humans have a great power to dramatically modify environments, but ultimately cannot avoid death. The installations reflect on the delusion, the tragedy and the beauty involved in the inescapable.

The exhibition is supported by Taike - Arts Promotion Center Finland and Koneen Säätiö.


My last choreography

Reincarnation failure




Sinne Gallery / Helsinki (FI) / 2015

Direction and performance: Anna Estarriola
Lighting design: Anna Pöllänen
Sound: Kristian Ekholm
Poster photo: Jukka Kiistala
Photo documentation: Kia Orama 
Camera: Martin Jäger
With the support of: Samuel Huber Foundation

Fragment of Markus Åstöm's text about the performance: SHOW is a piece in which desires, expectations and concerns are brought into light and meticulously studied using voice, body movement and moving image. How do one find strategies to communicate with one self and with others? In SHOW the protagonist is a scattered being. Accompanied by its own subconscious it is confronted with a series of disorienting events. Confused and lost entities and spirits appear in form of analog and digital projections. The narrative is nurtured by a growing turmoil in the main character. It dissolves into a self amplifying maelstrom of ego-debris and perversions; to find its way through its own inner void it visualizes the invisible and projects new images to which it can relate to and understand.


Group exhibition
Exhibition Laboratory / Helsinki (FI) / 2015
My works have been curated by Tintti Timonen

Photo documentation: Jukka Kiistala and Petri Summanen 

In "Cinematic Senses", film is not only shown as an audiovisual art form. The focus of the exhibition is a multifaceted sensorial experience, where borders between media are transgressed. Aspects of cinema are explored through the materiality of painterly and sculptural practices, as well as by the movement of the visitors through the installations.

The concept of "haptic visuality” as explored by cinema theorist Laura U. Marks describes how the act of watching can still evoke for instance the experience of actual touch or smell. The image becomes an imprint of a real physical event. The exhibition is curated by Praxis Master's Programme students. Each of the six curators of "Cinematic Senses" has invited one or several artists. The departure point of this group exhibition has been a close dialogue between curators and artists.

Solo exhibition  
Pleiku Gallery / Berlin (Ger) / 2015

Photo documentation: Kalle Kuikkaniemi

Solo exhibition  
Final version shown at Huuto Gallery - Jätkäsaari / Helsinki (FI) / 2015

Humans search ways to reach some kind of renown, praise, honor and immortality, through their physical and intellectual achievements. The affection for glory can be strong, and in order to obtain it, many can undertake tasks with great effort, risk and sacrifice.

This exhibition of media installations includes visionary contemplations, and speculations on how some divine things could work, in both hyper realistic and altered proportions. The installations reflect on how intimate and universal topics are perceived and categorized, on mankind’s desires to embrace and conduct reality, as well as on one’s limited power and helplessness.

As a collection of short stories, Related to Glory is composed by a set of self contained scenes, which wonder and react to timeless concerns such as the search for ultimate meaning, the pursuit of gratification, the sense of curiosity, the inevitability of isolation and the inescapability of death.

Video documentation: Jukka Kiistala (cinematography) and Anna Estarriola (edit)
(longer documentation available upon request)
Photo documentation: Jussi Tiainen and Jan Ahlstedt (photo 1,2,5)


Solo exhibition   
first version of the project shown at Babel Kunst Gallery / Trondheim (NOR) / 2014

Photo documentation: Vilde L. Blom

premiere: Mad House / Helsinki / 2014 

Borrowing the esthetics of a ventriloquized show, Anna Estarriola and a representation of her, together perform an existential duet that speculates about perception and the side effects of being under pressure. The piece involves visual illusions, text and physical movement. Through the interaction with humanized objects and chameleonic creatures, the performer creates a dialogue on common human concerns. 

Video documentation: Venla Martikainen (camera) and Anna Estarriola (edit)

(longer documentation available upon request) 
Photo documentation: Antti Ahonen 

Ventriloquized work in progress: 

Esitystaiteen Markkinat / Zodiak - Center for New Dance / Helsinki / 2014
Angakoq, Performance event & exhibition / SIC Gallery / Helsinki / 2014 
Pixels & Presence, performance and video art event / Vaasa and Helsinki / 2013  
SíM Gallery / Reykjavik / 2012 

Photo documentation: Antti Ahonen and SiC 

Installation scene
Alkovi Gallery / Helsinki / 2013

A large soft toy-like sculpture is exhibited, squeezed inside the window gallery. A thinking bubble reflects the character’s thoughts about being displayed. The installed scene refers to the artist’s identification with her work, and to the site-specific exhibiting conditions in Alkovi Gallery.

Photo documentation: Laura Oja

Solo exhibition
First exhibition: Cable Gallery / Helsinki / 2013

The Living in Three Acts introduces five characters, who each perform their own mini solo. One with multiple troubles, one perplexed by his own image, and one permanently illuminated. One with glittering aspirations, and one with the power to spin endlessly. Then, in the three simultaneous acts of a mini performance set on three stage-like tables, the five characters all appear, interact and finally fade away.

Artist: Anna Estarriola
Mechanics: Arttu Polojarvi
Electronics: Gregoire Rousseau
Video performers: Anna Estarriola, Otto Korkalo, Harri Kuorelahti, Jukka Tarvainen, Inari Virmakoski
Photo documentation: Perttu Saksa, Anna Estarriola


Solo exhibition
First exhibition: Huuto Gallery / Helsinki / 2012

Goddamn Mind Changer is a looping drama formed by installation works. It takes place in a stage-like gallery, where you are welcome. It is a sequence of shifting images, a score of metaphorical actions performed by articulated artifacts and video projections.

Goddamn Mind Changer refers to individual and communal forms of handling human circumstances. With the series of installations I talk about pathetic criticism, exaggerated ambition, random enlightenment, nothingness, mechanisms for giving it all and hiding it back again, blending in strategies, temperamental stillness and see-through brainstorming. Goddamn Mind Changer is made with acting and dancing performers, electronics and motors, artifcial hair, cypresses, fabrics, lamps, papers, pillows, salads and wood among others.

Artist: Anna Estarriola
Electronics: Gregoire Rousseau
Technical advisor: Arttu Polojärvi
Video performers: Anna Estarriola, Otto Korkalo, Anna Pöllänen, Arttu Polojärvi, Pälvi Salminen, Jukka Tarvainen
Wood work advisor: Reino Polojärvi
Lighting advisor: Anna Pöllänen
Photo documentation: Milla-Kariina Oja, Anna Estarriola

Performance and film
Premier: Spielart Festival / Munich / 2011

In the piece the artists explore the co-existence of staged realities emerged in quotidian surroundings, in which they understand the city as the scenery and people who inhabit it as part of that scenery. They activate city spaces with a group of Munich people, who become performers in the subtle staged scenes camouflaged as everyday life. The scenes are made into a film. Within film has been exhibited independently in several venues since 2011.

Direction: Anna Estarriola and Johanna Ketola
Photography: Johanna Ketola
Premiere in Finland: MUU Gallery, Helsinki, 2011
Co-production: Spielart Festival, Anna Estarriola and Johanna Ketola
Film duration: 35 minutes

Dance performance
Premier: Zodiak - Center for New Dance / Helsinki / 2010

In & Others is based in wonders about the origin and development of one's behavior until it is pulled out to the outer. The thematic scope of the piece contains domestic approaches to the unknown, looks at the visible in us guessing the invisible happening inside, and enquires into scientific knowledge and non factual believes. Departing from the compromise to be objective or right, the piece looks for the translation of the inner into forms, constructing metaphor of what is rooted inside us and reacts to the external, through movement, presence and image.

Concept and direction: Anna Estarriola
Performance: Anna Estarriola, Pälvi Salminen, Jukka Tarvainen
Lighting design: Anna Pöllanen
Photography: Johanna Tirronen
Video: Satu Tuomisto
(longer documentation upon request) 
Premiere in Catalonia: Festival Mapa, Pontós, 2010
Co-production: Zodiak - Center For New Dance and Festival Mapa
Duration: 30 minutes / Language: English

Premier: Figueres City Theatre, Figueres, 2009

I’m Petteri, The Main Character is based in the memories about lived experiences, the waste within contemporary culture and the relativity of ones luck. It happens in a bingo where the luck is already determinate. Guided by a host and her assistants, we will get to know who is Petteri, what is he made of, and what happened to him.

Concept and direction: Anna Estarriola
Performers of its first version in 2006: A. Estarriola, Ragni Grönblom
Performers of its second version in 2009: Anna Estarriola, Jukka
Tarvainen, Anna Pöllänen
Video Performers: Markku Nousiainen, Piritta Kantojärvi, Ramon Antoine, Lluís Puigdemont, Sergi Agilar, Markkus Trapp, Daniel Bosch, Rouel Mejis, Aleksi Linnamaa, Joaquim Estarriola, Isaac Estarriola, Satoko Taguma, Petteri Hapalainen, Helmi Toivonen, Jenni Vilmanen, Jukka Kärkkäinen, Puck.
Lighting design: Anna Pöllänen
Duration: 20 minutes / Language: English or Catalan
Produced by: Finnish Academy of Fine Arts and Anna Estarriola
(full length video documentation upon request) 

Solo exhibition
First exhibition: Finnish Academy of Fine Arts Gallery / Helsinki / 2008

This is a still and a moving place. This is an investigation about human and mechanical motion. This is a sketch. This is a stage. These are six solos and a gathering in a domestic jungle.

The exhibition is formed by seven works, six of them are solos and one is a group scene where they all meet in a room, in a staged domestic jungle, a small-sized representation of a world, where they are forced to exist together. The works explore how we bear life and how we position ourselves according to it, while being alone or with other humans. The artist transformed views upon how we move in life into a selection of choreographed movement scores, performed by humans, artifacts and dolls.

Artist: Anna Estarriola
Electronics: Gregoire Rousseau
Technical advisor: Arttu Polojärvi
Photo advisor: Johanna Ketola
Photo and video performers: Anna Estarriola, Otto Korkalo, Jyri Pitkänen, Anna Pöllänen, Arttu Polojärvi, Jukka Tarvainen
Photo documentation: Jussi Autio

Dance performance
Premier: Cable Factory / Helsinki / 2008

“The Happiest” is based on the physicality of human behavior in relation to a given or self-created environment in which someone happens to exist. The piece goes through multiple try outs that aim to overlap imposition and free will. “The Happiest” attempts to create living moving images and translate mental landscapes into physical forms.

As a catalogue of life scenes it contains crappy speeches, self slavery, conceptual butterflies, innocent destruction, huge statements mechanical order, dancing monsters, silver fields, electronic music, reconstruction and tasks. “The Happiest” says things such as: “Life is like a butterfly, sometimes it is funny, sometimes it doesn't exist” and “I will be here until this ends”.

Concept and direction: Anna Estarriola
Performers: Anna Estarriola, Jukka Tarvainen
Lighting design: Anna Pöllänen
Premiere in Finland: Cable Factory, Helsinki, 2008
Co-production: Finnish Academy of Fine Arts and Anna Estarriola
Duration: 30 minutes / Language: English
Photo documentation: Jyri Pitkänen
(full length video documentation upon request)